2017 MYC One Design Regatta

The 2017 Lake Massabesic regatta was won by Elijah Matson with Toby Frank on Saturday, and Dave Rodgers and Eli’s son on Sunday. Congratulations in very tough conditions! Second place to the team of Bob Shapiro, Jim Lerner and Nathan Alfred Legere from Bow Lake. Tie for third place between Ted Hardenbergh (with sons John and Tommy) and Rob Donle with Josh Pfosi and Guillaume Joffres. Bow Lake takes second and fourth place! University of New Hampshire sailors Thomas Bouchard, Anya George and Tim Readden improved from last week and are heading to Malletts Bay on a few weeks. Awesome to have young sailors in the class! Wild and wooly drifting, especially in the last race with peak gusts of 1.

Sunday Marine Police kicked two boats off the lake before the first start. Intense negotiations from the race committee and they were allowed back on the water with a verbal waiver. Thank goodness the MP are keeping us safe!  Perhaps the marine police should have read New Hampshire law section 270-E:4 Exemptions From Registration, “II. Vessels registered in another state or country temporarily using the waters of this state for not more than 30 consecutive days.”  Of course that didn’t apply to those who lived in NH but either weren’t registered or left their stickers at home in the kitchen.  But we won’t tell…




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